Star Wars Verses
"The Star Wars saga is like a symphony, which has recurring themes. You have one theme orchestrated in a particular way and place, which then comes back orchestrated as a minor theme somewhere else. There are these little threads running through things that are constantly turning events on their head. You see two people confronting the same things, with different ends. It's a rhythm. I like the idea of seeing something from different perspectives. An advantage I have in this particular story is that I have literally twelve hours to tell a story. It has the epic quality of following one person from the time he's nine years old to the time he dies. It's Anakin's story, but obviously there are many other characters in that story - his children, his best friend - and their stories carry through. So this isn't just a tune - it's a symphony. When you do it as a symphony, I think, it actually becomes beautiful."

- George Lucas

"I've said this a few times, but it's a complex idea that's hard to get across. I'm approaching these films, for better or worse, like a symphony. I have a lot of themes that I keep repeating over and over again through the whole thing. Different notes and different instrumentation, but when you see all six movies together you'll see that there's a lot of recurring notes being played. Sometimes they're played with the oboe, and sometimes they're played with the violin, and sometimes they're played with a full orchestra. And it's done on purpose. And it's also done in different facets. It's something I toyed with in my very first film, THX, which is to take various ideas and show different aspects of them, but out of context.

It's hard to explain exactly how that works, but it's like painting different views of the same thing and putting them on the same piece of paper...a sort of Cubist idea. But in this particular saga, it's a much more symphonic idea. So it's an idea of having themes that go through, and you're telting a big story and you use these themes over and over again. So you're going to find that there's a lot of similarity between what Anakin goes through and what Luke goes through. They follow the same path. And it's a similar situation with some of the other characters such as Boba Fett."

- George Lucas

"A friend of mine once said that in every shot of a movie, there's more than a thousand ideas - and that's very true, actually."

- George Lucas


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